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Name's Mileth (me-let). Im weird and socially blog consists of Adventure Time, Bands, Photography, Animals, Bands, Lolz, and most importantly sex and bondage stuff so yeah #NSFW


Thanks to Bob Flynn, the designer of Catbug, for the plug. Great work, as usual.



We interviewed Bob Flynn aka bobjinx on our blog! He’s a cartoonist, art director, and character designer extraordinaire. You’ve probably seen some of his art before! He creates the best wacky little creatures. To read the full interview and see more of his art, click here.

I was interviewed over on JetPens a little while ago. Give it a read if you like!


Sweet Photos of a Senior Golden Retriever Snuggling with Baby Chicks. Remember Champ, the happiest dog in the world? His owner, 21-year-old Candice Sedighan, just shared with us a new series of photos she’s taken of the adorable dog and his newfound, rescued friends. All Photos by Candice Sedighan via  My Modern Metropolis  ~ Older dogs are adorable & very loving, too. ♥

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having an old tiny worrisome asian lady as my mother is a small burden

"i love u my dumpling"

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Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

Share this it might save a life

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Mount Etna blows a smoke ring during volcanic eruptions.

mt etna is my bro

In preparation for 420calypse

blaze it nature 

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don’t let tumblr make you believe that

- krusty krab is unfair

- mr krabs is in there

- standing at the concession

- plotting his oppression 

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